Year: 2010

Banished From the Math Classroom: “Don’t Ask Why….

“Don’t ask why, just invert and multiply”,  talk about an arcane procedure.   Maybe it’s just because I’m old, but I really can remember this being said in the math classroom.  I’m not sure teachers actually use the phrase anymore, and

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Banished From the Math Classroom

Some of the things that have been long accepted in the mathematics classroom, need to GO!  They do nothing to help a student understand mathematics from a conceptual viewpoint.  In this series, I will be talking about some of my

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Division Debate

I was just having a conversation with two sixth grade teachers this morning and the topic of long division came up.  We had been talking about multiplication and how it would help children if we said, “groups of” instead of

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Math Anxiety: Be Part of the Cure

Dad and kids playing math game I just finished reading a post by Gena Haskett, called Women, Stop Saying You Hate Math on  BlogHer, Life Well Said.  I have only one problem with her entire post in that it was

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Painting By the Numbers

I never knew that my experience working on stage crew in the theater would come in handy at ESSDACK, but for the last two days I have been working on a set piece for the By the Numbers podcast. It

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Central Tendencies: Do Kids Really Know What Average “Means”?

In a math workshop last week, several math teachers commented that their students understood how to compute mean, median, and mode but they didn’t always understand that all three measures of central tendency were types of averages.  When asked for

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