Year: 2014

The “Why” and the “How” of Using Math Tools

Recently, I spent a day with K-6 teachers exploring the why and how of using math tools in their classrooms. The “why” is easy!  Years of research indicate students gain deeper conceptual understanding when they have teachers who engage in

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“Core” Ideas to Follow

When looking for math activities, information, or new ideas  I have a few “core” people I follow. Here is the short list:

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Write? That’s Right!

Most of you know me as the math girl and that is absolutely true, but….before I was the math girl, I was the word girl.  I like to joke that I am a word”smith” but it isn’t a joke. I

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Students Engaged in Math Workstations

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Is Faster Really Better?

“It’s not complicated, faster is better!”  If you believe the AT&T commercials faster is always better and for years we have taught math using that same theory!  We taught procedures and gave daily timed math facts tests to ensure students

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