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“Core” Ideas to Follow

When looking for math activities, information, or new ideas  I have a few “core” people I follow. Here is the short list:

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Write? That’s Right!

Most of you know me as the math girl and that is absolutely true, but….before I was the math girl, I was the word girl.  I like to joke that I am a word”smith” but it isn’t a joke. I

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Is Faster Really Better?

“It’s not complicated, faster is better!”  If you believe the AT&T commercials faster is always better and for years we have taught math using that same theory!  We taught procedures and gave daily timed math facts tests to ensure students

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Painting By the Numbers

I never knew that my experience working on stage crew in the theater would come in handy at ESSDACK, but for the last two days I have been working on a set piece for the By the Numbers podcast. It

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